Wednesday, February 10, 2010

IVF/ICSI or Natural

Which way shall I turn you maybe asking yourself!

IVF/ICSI - For women choosing to use their own eggs the odds are very slim once your 44,even if a pregnancy is achieved there is a high chance of a miscarriage. However for women up to 43, the odds are still low, but there is still a chance.

For those who are prepared to seek alternative therapy or natural therapy, one you may want to consider is Sharkey's Healing Centre. They have even been known to bring back a woman menstrual cycle! They have quite a few amazing stories.. Click on the link to find out more

For women over forty I believe the best way to conceive is naturally. As long as your you are menstruating you have a chance of becoming pregnant. Otherwise you may want to consider donor eggs.

Let talk about what other natural treatments there are out there and what can we do to increase our fertility.. I don't really want to discuss what every other forum does, but more about what may we or missed, and what is not really discussed and new therapies...

There is a new product that I have seen on the internet and looks like it is helping a lot of women... Herbal Tampon! Herbal tampon is for women with blocked tubes, however I believe women who don't have blocked tubes can also take advantage of this. It comes with a program, which includes massage techniques to help unblock the tubes plus a lot more, it all seems very promising.

One thing that doesn't get checked out to the full extent, is your thyroid, this is a must to look into. The T3 and T4 should be looked at not just your TSH level. What is right for one person may not be right for another, so your doctor should also listen to how you feel. Some doctors think levels 0.5-5 is normal, as some now believe it should be 0.5-2. Either way you should look into this. If your T.3 and T.4 levels are not correct and you fall pregnant you may not be able to withhold a pregnancy.

Chew your food correctly, if not you may effect your digestive system, which can cause fertility problems, and drink lots of room temperature water.